is desktop pc's speed faster than laptop?
2006-03-16 07:36:48 UTC
is desktop pc's speed faster than laptop?
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2006-03-16 10:08:58 UTC
yes, for some reason desktop PCs are faster than notebooks. first of all, it's not the processor that makes the difference. A Pentium M760 (2.00GHz) has about the same performance as a Pentium 4 640 (3.20GHz). This is mainly due to the much better Dothan Core.

The main difference comes from the speed of the FSB. The most notebooks have a FSB of max. 533MHz, while desktops have a FSB of 800MHz and above. The 2nd reason are the faster hard disks. While most notebooks have hard disks of 4200 and 5400 rpm, desktop disks have speeds of hardly below 7200 rpm.

In case of the RAMs it's more difficult to make a statement. Due to the lower FSB speed in notebooks, RAMs with smaller Cas Latency are available. This does compensate the higher Cas Latency in RAMs for higher clocked FSBs.
2006-03-16 09:13:02 UTC
The question of speed in a normal computer either PC or LAPTOP depends upon the Speed of the processer,more ram, RPM of the Hard disk, etc. So if any laptop has a faster processer a decent amount of ram (More then 1 GB according to me) etc the laptop would work faster than a PC.

But usually faster processer like P4 gets really hot so its not recommended in a Laptop. So PC turns out to be faster
2006-03-16 07:54:28 UTC
There is limited choice for processors on the laptop or note book while processors of 600, 700, 800, 900 etc series manufactured by the Intel are being used for desktops. These are having much faster speed than Centrino mobile and other Pentium -m processors used in laptops. N L Shraman -India
2006-03-16 07:53:20 UTC
If you compare the fastest laptop and the fastest pc on the market. Of course the desktop is going to faster than the laptop. Come on people. The laptop is built for portability.
2006-03-19 12:04:35 UTC
Yes they are because Laptops have not developed as much as desktops have and they are samller and when an electronic is smaller, the speed is decreased. I think :)
2006-03-16 07:37:44 UTC
in most cases yes, laptops have slower hard drives in general, though laptop CPU's are as fast as desktops
2006-03-16 07:38:01 UTC
I don't think so. I think it just depends on the speed of your processor.
2006-03-16 07:38:34 UTC
not really either, if the both have the same cpu and buss speed.
2006-03-16 07:46:30 UTC
labtops are not built to be fast. they are fast enough to do the neccessariy thing and be convient. though no they are fast it would not be reconmended to game on a labtop.
2006-03-16 18:18:46 UTC
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