I put a new HDD in my laptop and now I can not get the OS to load via CD...?
2012-11-16 16:14:47 UTC
So I just bought a new hard drive for my laptop because my last one was having issues. I installed the new harddrive and it is recognized in setup under HDD... I am able to boot MemTest86 from my CD Drive but not the OS... I just get a black screen with one little blinking white bar... same if I try to boot from HD. There is no message of no operating system... it just goes straight to black screen with small white blinking bar... I had a Toshiba HDD2J14 and replaced with a Seagate 250gb... Both SATA drivers; however Seagate driver has specifications for SATA 6gbs/s Any help would be appreciated
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2016-12-29 09:30:04 UTC
i comprehend the quandary... it particularly is a "completely solid" gadget, whether it particularly is created from date by way of fact MS retains making their working systems much less powerful. What a waste!!! (i recently all started up an previous workstation with abode windows 3.a million on it! WOW did that start up up quickly!!! My husband says, yeah, human beings used to whinge it replace into unbearably sluggish back then.) yet all isn't lost. you will might desire to enhance the reminiscence to a minimum of 256. (It sounds like it helps a 2d 128 chip.) and definitely improve the hard force. 10Gb is a lot too small, and substitute hard drives are particularly affordable. 60Gb is a minimum, yet arise to you are able to. the situation is, changing a hard force on a workstation demands a gizmo to make the two lively on an identical time. yet you will possibly desire to get a USB reminiscence stick and reproduction all your records from the triumphing force, set up XP from scratch on the recent force, then pull over only the innovations records which you relatively want from the reminiscence stick. A Celeron 750 will cope with XP only superb as long as there is passable reminiscence and disk area. We had quite a few first technology Celeron's working at a vet medical institution the place I worked (and my husband nonetheless helps). None are related to the cyber web, yet they are all on a LAN using a database on a server (it particularly is additionally a Celeron). all of them have 256Mb and 40Gb drives. on the workstations they only use a vet database app and MS be conscious. all of them artwork superb with XP abode. The server has 512Mb and an 80Gb force. i think of the server has XP professional on it. All are Celeron workstation's that have been new 4 years in the past. a pair of 365 days after installation them, we replaced all of the hard drives to hold them as much as 40Gb (i think of they have been 10Gb too initially), and we further the greater reminiscence and bigger disk force on the server considering the fact it particularly is the place the database is saved. HP claims you are able to set up abode windows 2000 on that workstation, so XP will artwork too. (There are some BIOS settings you may might desire to alter -- see the link under.) abode windows 2000 and XP artwork an identical way, so it would practice to the two.
2012-11-16 16:38:33 UTC
Insert install disc one turn off laptop then restart laptop press any key if the install does not automatically start try the o key.

What version of Windows are you installing onto new hard drive ?

Are the disc for the laptop or another computers install ?
2012-11-16 16:25:05 UTC
My first guess would be that the CD is not compatible with the CD drive or is damaged. Is the OS CD a factory CD? Or is it a CD-RW, CDR, etc? Can you get your hands on another OS CD to try? If this is a burned CD, was it finalized? If it was burned from an ISO, did you burn the disc image? Or did you just burn a copy of ISO file onto the disc?

If it is a factory disc, is it in good condition?

Best course of action at this point would be to get another copy of the OS CD (Just borrow one from your friends. But be sure to use your own serial number when installing)
2012-11-16 16:20:02 UTC
Did you get a cd with your new hard drive it's has formatting software on it ,run that first before installing the os

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