How to choose the right CPU?
2005-12-18 06:08:55 UTC
Considering it's for a laptop.
Which brand and model of CPU should I choose? How do I compare their performance/usage ...
Three answers:
2005-12-18 09:46:01 UTC
Just adding to the previous comment: brandwise, I suggest you pick up AMD. Whatever your needs, AMD processors have better price/performance ratio.
2005-12-18 06:15:39 UTC
Well it depends on what you want to do with the laptop. If you are going to just use Office applications and browse the web then an AMD Sempron or Intel Celeron-M should suit your needs.

However if you want to do more Multimedia type of work then you should be looking for either a Pentium-M, AMD 64 or AMD Turion processor. And, if you are going to play games on the laptop then you will want one that also has a video card with dedicated memory, DO NOT buy one that has shared memory.

Toms Hardware has a lot of benchmarks and reviews on Processors and other hardware components.
2005-12-18 13:41:00 UTC
For notebooks there is only one answer..

GO For Intel Centrino Notebook!!!

The advantages of Centrino notebok are:

1. High battery performance. This will be your primary concern using a laptop.

2. High performance mobile[notebook] processor

3. Wireless connectivity.

4. Sleek designs from OEMs.

Check the websites of DELL, HP, IBM, SONY.. They have amazing notebooks in their product list.

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