I want to buy a laptop that I am 100% sure will run World of Warcraft, how will I know?
2006-04-12 13:45:00 UTC
I am horribly addicted to WoW and I want a laptop that will make the game go where ever I go.
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2006-04-12 13:50:21 UTC
Definitely make sure you get one with a TON of RAM and a killer video card. You'll also want to make sure that you have a super fast processor. Maybe even one of those dual core ones they have out now. We sometimes play WoW on the laptop via an external HD, but only because the laptop happens to be an older model, and installing it directly seems to slow the refresh rate down a bit. Right now we've got a pretty slick setup involving RAID on SATA drives which optimizes game and PC performance. Email me for more information. At any rate, the external - that might be an option for you to consider as well, if money is an issue.
2006-04-12 13:50:28 UTC
Go to a PC store with the WoW cd and tell them : I'll buy any laptop if you first run the game on it :) you probably won't buy the cheapest or the most reliable laptop but you'll be sure
2006-04-12 13:49:44 UTC
Ok guy go to the games manufacture site and get the system requirements for the game then go to a laptop reseller and make sure the one you get exceeds the requirements of the game. I would try for the laptop there reasonable.

2016-09-25 22:35:13 UTC
extreme photos determination video games like international of Warcraft eat up a ton of area and processing power. Your terrific wager could be to bypass to three place like Microcenter and tell them what you're finding for. Microcenter's like a candy save for geeks. yet you are going to choose a miles better processor, puzzlingpersistent, and so plenty extra reminiscence area than you may get in something below $six hundred. save up for a whilst and get one that's going to cost over $one thousand, while you're ineffective set on having one that could manage those styles of video games.
2006-04-12 14:36:56 UTC
go for a very good processor like pentium IV or something like that, a nvidia video card, a lot of ram, maybe 1 gb will be better, a widescreen basically, goto blizzard page, search for the optimum system requirements and then go to the laptop seller
2006-04-14 12:26:01 UTC
also try . The customer service is pretty good and they can work with you on your order to customize at a very reasonable price.

Good folks.
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2006-04-12 14:06:29 UTC these costly laptops are great for gameing

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