Help! Im traveling on the 4th and i need to know if there is a way i can charge my laptop batt. on the plane!?
2006-04-02 13:30:40 UTC
When im on the airplane, my laptop battery always runs out leaving me with HOURS of nothing to do - short of buying a backup battery, is there something i can buy that will either let me charge it on the plane or is their something less expensive than a bran new battery that could be called a disposable temporary battery?
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2006-04-02 13:56:01 UTC
No, you cannot. There is no access to 120V AC power tom passengers on an airplane. The best you can do is the following:

1) Get a backup battery (which you already talked about)

2) Assuming Windows go into the power Control panel and adjust the setting for the laptop while running on battery to conserve power. Try the following: making your screen less bright, disabling wireless network cards, disabling bluetooth while on the plane, allow the hardrive to power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
2016-05-20 15:54:54 UTC
Definitely forget about the laptop!! a) You'll have to carry the extra luggage, mostly as hand luggage. This means you have to go through annoying security checks as well, and you'll always keep an extra eye on it. I once had a laptop with me to London and it got stolen within the first hour at a Burger King in the 30 seconds that we left unattanded. b) With laptops many hotels charge high rates for internet access- just like they charge for the minibar. c) You can easily find internet cafes around. Most give an hourly access for 1-2 € and you can use this many times within a week till you consume this 1 hour. d) You don't even have a laptop which means you don't need it in your daily life. So why bother !?
2006-04-03 08:05:09 UTC
Have you heard of a Universal Car/Air Charger. If your laptop is rated at 72W or below then this product or similar will be ideal.

Laptops with Pentium 4 processor are usually 90W which is not supported by this product.

This comes supplied with special plug/adapter to fit into power source near seat on airplanes. It also comes with a number of different tips which allows the user to plug it in and use it on a variety of different laptops.

Carrying a second battery is also useful, but may be very expensive.

A Universal external battery might be very useful again it may cost a bit.

Using agressive powersave options on your laptops and other powersaving techniques will definitely help conserve power.

I have provided links below for all these suggestions. Hope these help and happy travelling.
2006-04-02 15:36:06 UTC
GET a MAC IF YOU HAV A WINDOWS THEY ARE BETTER> but if you hate macs ya then askthe flight atendents they can usally let u chage your laptop of one of those plugins
2006-04-02 13:36:25 UTC
the best it's: make this question to a flytender or directly to the air company
2006-04-02 13:35:13 UTC
2006-04-02 14:12:10 UTC
If I were you I would need this..

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