My dell power adapter has failed within 7 months am I entitled to a free replacement?
2006-03-11 06:42:31 UTC
Dell are refusing to give me a replacemnt adapter free of charge using excuses such as it isn't a functionality faliure (well the power adapter is no longer functioning) and they can't replace it because of wear and tear.
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2006-03-11 14:39:48 UTC
This is what Dell says their current warranty is for their notebook computers. I'm not sure if they changed it over the last seven months?

"Portable computer batteries and AC adapters carry the lesser of either a 1-year limited warranty or the length of the limited warranty for the Dell computer with which the battery or AC adapter, as applicable, is shipped."

If your laptop had a one year warranty, then you should be covered. Go back and look at the paperwork Dell send you when you purchased the laptop.
2006-03-11 06:46:52 UTC
Please read the terms & conditions of the warranty provided by Dell. This will clearly define what kind of failures covered under warranty and what is your entitlement. You can take Dell to task by following the terms & conditions of the warranty.

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2006-03-11 08:09:19 UTC
there not lying. no im not from dell. youre not entitled for anything until 90 days from purchase. or unless you purchased a longer warranty
2006-03-11 07:39:19 UTC
Why don't you just call and ask. Dell support is great and they will be able to tell you for sure weather or not you are in titled to a new one
2006-03-11 06:43:55 UTC
It would seem so but you did read the warranty agreemtent when you purchased the system yes? tsk tsk. Buy one off Ebay

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