What is the best accessory for a laptop?
2006-04-10 16:15:32 UTC
Want/need new toys
Ten answers:
2006-04-10 16:17:52 UTC
I a wireless mouse or and laptop lock.
Ufta The Bloody Prince
2006-04-10 16:19:46 UTC
External surround sound speakers are great if your a gamer, or movie/music lover. A nice laser mouse is also a great help if you're a gamer. Another important accessory thats often overlooked is a laptop fan. Basically a fan you attach by USB to your computer, and it stays underneath your laptop. It keeps your comp from overheating, especially if you're running intene applications, and it will keep your laptop alive longer.
2006-04-10 16:32:17 UTC
I love sitting anywhere with my laptop so the docking station seems like an odd idea - why have a laptop then?

I would highly recommend that you NOT get a laptop cover. I got a leopard print one because it was just so cute but dang did it heat the thing up!
Bostonian In MO
2006-04-10 16:29:20 UTC
IMHO, a docking station with a "real" keyboard, monitor and mouse. You'll usually get a better display on a desktop monitor than you will on the laptop itself. A full size keyboard and regular mouse beat the crap out of anything on any laptop.
Lord Damon Koopa
2006-04-10 16:18:16 UTC
Nintendo Wi-fi USB adapter, dah!
2006-04-10 17:08:19 UTC
the best is a full size usb keyboard makes using it much easier
2006-04-10 16:21:26 UTC
The dustbin!
2006-04-10 23:48:07 UTC
Nimble fingers?

2006-04-10 16:19:26 UTC
internet porn and a free hand
2006-04-10 16:16:05 UTC
a LAP!

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