How can I get a used laptop in less than or equal to 100 US$? I am a student. If any body is willing to sell?
2006-02-16 05:28:30 UTC
If any one knows someone willing to sell a laptop in less than US$ 100, then please email me. The laptop should be at least PIII. Those interested, please send the details to email address : I am a student and am in dire need of a laptop to work with in my studies.
If any one could provide the laptop for free, I would be most grateful. It doesn't matter if the laptop is very old.
Looking forward to exciting responses!!!
One answer:
2006-02-16 05:38:57 UTC
you could try ( If you are in the USA ) or ( If you are in England ). There is a new site that is similiar to ebay called uniqueauction ( ) which is a cross between gambling and auctioning where by you bid on items but you only bid small amounts and make huge savings if you win and if you lose you only lose a small amount. It is explained on the site. Short of that I suggest you do a google search for 2nd hand laptops and I am sure that there are plenty of places that sell them.

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