Best Notebook?
2006-02-26 16:02:59 UTC
Could someone tell me whats the best notebook out there. What laptop do you recommend me. I also wanted to add that i im not looking for a gaming machine.
Seven answers:
2006-02-26 16:03:50 UTC
Dell-great support system
2006-02-27 00:09:05 UTC
Dell Sucks...Bad support...a.k.a 1 yr sytems.

Hp--BAD a.k.a known as the Throw away laptop

Compaq..Good..but since joined with hp...been dubed the same..tho there are some expections., IBM are the best..can take a beating, biometric (fingerprint) and security settings which can render the laptop useless if stolen (if Appropite steps are made to enable its security) another one is Panasonic Toughbook, This thing can nearly survive anything.
2006-02-27 00:20:26 UTC
you could try Acer Aspire 3000/5000, they're cheap and powerful, they are good for software development, movie editing and will cost a little less than 1000 dollars.

If you want a laptop for just word processing, web surfing and email, you could go for a laptop with a Sempron/Celeron processor, a dell laptop with such CPU will cost around 600 dollars.
2006-02-27 00:49:01 UTC
I have the HP ZD8000. Wow--I am so impressed with it. I never wanted a laptop before but bought it so that I can travel. It is as good in many ways as my HP MCE Desktop. Yes, it is heavy--but it does everything including double-burner drive, many ports, and a bright 17" screen. HP has never let me down; this is my third HP computer in 5 years.
2006-02-27 00:26:44 UTC
Apple, hp, sony, samsung and dell )

Apple are very good imho :)

Just depends if you wanna go down the windows path or the mac os x path :)
2006-02-27 03:15:18 UTC
check out acer i hae one its the best comp i ever owned

acer travelmates
2006-02-27 00:13:11 UTC

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