is the new macbook pro good?
2006-03-09 17:02:49 UTC
is the new macbook pro good?
Four answers:
2006-03-10 12:14:19 UTC
You should go this website, its constantly reviewing various PC including macbook pro.
2006-03-09 17:12:48 UTC
all reviews that I try to find keep sending me to the page. If you read the review it will tell you if it is what you want. Remember that different computers are for different applications. I know macs arent real good for gaming but great for business type applications. Macs also seem to have far less viruses. This review is detailed. Personal preferences are also a factor. Some people like macs...others not.
2006-03-09 18:59:31 UTC
I cannot wait to test drive one. But, to make you own opinion... visit the links below.
2006-03-09 17:03:19 UTC
No. Mac's suck.

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