My Gateway M305 notebook keeps freezing up, any ideas ?
2006-02-14 19:33:57 UTC
I have to remove the battery and the power cord multiple times to get it to restart properly.
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Secret Nerd
2006-02-14 22:02:02 UTC
Hello. The most common reason for freezing is memory related. In other words what programs you have running etc is utilizing most of or requiring more memory than you have available. Reduce the number of programs in your start up menu to only those absolutley needed. Try not to have too many things running or open at the same time. Or, have more memory installed. Your usage style may just be exceeding the memeory your laptop has - even with all of these things

above take care of. It can be other things but this is the usual cause. Freezing is the laptop's way of saying: I cannot do what you are asking ...Like trying to turn on all of the electric things in your home all at once....the circuit breaker reset it ...then turn everything in the house on again...the same thing will happen. Use a few things only at any time or upgrade your laptop's ability to handle more at once! I hope this is of assistance. Also overheating (due to utilizing the laptop in scuh a manner that it's vents are blocked -like on your blanket in bed or similiar) is the second most common reason for this....If it feels really hot then this could be the problem. Laptops are best used on a table where it can vent (cool itself) rather than on a "lap" ..... they should have called them something else! Take care & good luck.
2006-02-14 19:39:31 UTC
Very possibly a spyware/virus infection. Do you get a lot of pop-ups on the internet? Try booting to Safe mode with Networking (Press f5 during boot to get the option) then goto and download some anti-spyware and/or antivirus tools.
2006-02-14 20:31:55 UTC
I would back up your data, and then reinstall the operating system. That way it clears out all those programs that youve installed and uninstalled and gets rid of old corrupt files and spyware and random data strings off your computer, so you can start fresh. I do that with mine every now and then and I think that works good
2016-10-15 07:49:20 UTC
no matter if it is older than six months, then you absolutely will opt to have your CPU's fan wiped clean. as over the approach time dirt builds up causing inefficient cooling and ensuing in the CPU having a Thermal decrease-off. Anhar Hussain Miah
2006-02-14 19:39:59 UTC
How the hell are you on the internet then?

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